Friends from college: was a second season a good idea?

It’s with a lot of discretion that Friends from College’s second season came out on Netflix. Pushing Cobie Smulders under the light, our dear Robin from HIMYM, the show follows the adventures of a group of friends who met in college.

Even if it’s easy to watch and a bit addictive, Friends from college didn’t perform really well for its first season. The show was a bit too cliché. We’ve watch the second season, lets talk about it



During the first episode, we discover that our friends from college aren’t friends anymore since Sam and Ethan relationship. Ethan hasn’t seen Lisa for more than a year and still doesn’t know if she wishes to have a divorce. Sam stayed with her husband who clearly has a hard time swallowing the pill. Marianne and Nick are still the same and Max’s going to get married. Max’s wedding is going to be the main plot of this second season, in order to explain why our friends all meet again. Why not.

Putting aside the fact that it’s difficult to go back in a show more than a year after it first aired, we’re clearly not helped by the fact that there are simply no twists at all! Divorces, break ups, death and solitude are the main themes for this season, placed under the sunlight as you can see…

Furthermore, this show has a certain déjà-vu. Ho Nick is in love with Lisa! Ho Same and Ethan sleep together! Ho Marianna is never on screen, to the point where we’re starting to doubt about her utility. The episodes are all the same. Well, it’s boring.


I have to admit that I might lack some objectivity but seriously, we’re fed up of seeing Cobie Smulders being hesitant and desired by so many men. You successfully made us hate her in HIMYM when she couldn’t make a choice between Ted and Barney so please, stop!

Seeing Sam going back to her husband as if nothing had changed… Where’s the goddamn moral in all this? Is it really a good lesson to show a woman who prefers going back to a husband that she doesn’t love rather than leaving alone?

And Max, what’s the point of making him a brilliant character, full of ideas, if you’re destroying him in the next episodes? Why can’t we go from an office job to a more artistic activity?

This second season is a deception. Will there be a third one?

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