Shadowhunters : renew the series!

Shadowhunters was announced canceled, much to the dismay of the fans, but especially to the actors who said to be shocked by discovering the news. Actress Katherine McNamara said, “We’ve just discovered it too. And believe me, we are as shocked as you.

Following this news, fans have rebelled more than ever to try to save the series. They created a hashtag on Twitter “#SaveShadowHunters” as well as the launch of a petition to cancel the shutdown of the series.

Clary’s interpreter Katherine McNamara said she was very grateful and aware of the fan base’s support for the cancellation of the show.

To try to finish in style, Freeform wanted to order a final episode of two hours to say goodbye to the characters.

Rumors had been raised about the possibility that Netflix could save the series by buying it, but so far nothing has been officially declared.

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