The Blacklist season 6: but who’s Reddington?!

The Blacklist 5th season just ended and numerous plots were imagined by fans. And we can’t blame them: this season was filled with surprises and twists!

While the show has just been saved after very long negotiations with NBC (the show is a bit too expensive for them), its 6th season shall give many answers on the end of the 5th one.


The mistery of the bone bag, which started during the 4th season, has been resolved! It appears that the bones belong to Raymond Reddington who died 30 years ago.

A planed death

So who’s the person that has been acting for Reddington for so long? That’s the million dollar question that every fan is asking since the season finale. This iconic figure who’s been part of the story since the beginning is an impostor! Liz knowing “Red”‘s secret (he doesn’t know that) this shall change a few things for the next season.

The Blacklist’s author declared that all this was planned since the beginning of the show, and that the story was built on this idea!

So who’s Red?

Many assumptions were made by the fans concerning this fake Red. And they seem to mainly think that this man is in fact Liz’s father, that’s why he seems so close to her.

How is Liz going to react?!

In the last episode of the 5th season, Liz seems to be willing to prepare her revenge against this fake Red!

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