Pretty Little Liars : The Perfectionists

Sad to have to leave Pretty Little Liars and its actors? Do not panic! Marlene King, found the solution! Pretty Little Liars’s spin-off, titled The Perfectionnists is scheduled for 2019, and it will offer us new intriguing mysteries with some of our favorite Liars.

The plot takes place in Beacon Heights, a small town where everything seems perfect: a prestigious university, inhabitants all more beautiful than the others … A search for perfection that will lead to a murder, where many mysteries will have to be revealed, because behind every Perfectionist hides an undeniable secret, lie or alibi …

Characters we know well will be part of this new series. Alison (Sasha Pieterse) and Mona (Janel Parrish) will be back. Mona, University Recruitment Manager, brought Alison back. What does she expect from our bubbly blonde? Did she recruit her solely for her academic skills? We bet that Mona will call on Alison to investigate the strange atmosphere of the establishment and the mysteries she discovered there.

At the end of PLL we had left Mona in Paris, retaining captive Spencer’s mother and twin sister. Does she still hold them in captivity? So many mysteries that, according to Marlene, will be quickly elucidated.

Alison, who had been left in “happy end” with Emilie in the final season of Pretty Little Liars, will return this time, alone, and at the university. But what happened between Emily and her? Marlene said, “We left her very happy with Emily and the twins, so we had to justify why she would leave all that to come to Beacon Heights. It took a lot of discussion … Also, you will discover why Mona left her dollhouse in France! “

Season 1 of the spin-off is 10 episodes, and will be broadcast on Freeform early next year.


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