Those Tv Shows who support the lgbt cause

The LGBT + characters representation on the small screen has come a long way since the Dynasty era, when the asexuality of Steven Carrington’s characters was just an allusion. Nowadays, some characters are openly gay and are even the headliners of their series.

In 1992 appeared the first recurring character to be openly homosexual in the soap opera Melrose Place. And, still in the 90s, series like Will and Grace or Queer as Folk were born, having for main theme homosexuality.

The Simpson

The well-known Simpsons cartoon has given us many LGBT characters, including Patty, Marge’s older sister, who has come out and wants to marry a woman, or Smithers, whose sexual orientation is not official. But also Duffman, bisexual character, or Karl, Lenny’s friend, who will offer us the first animated kiss between men on television. The Simpsons have always been way ahead of time, talking about taboo and controversial topics.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Willow, Buffy’s best friend, was openly lesbian and the first-ever lesbian couple on American television. Her actress said, after much controversy over the sexuality of his character that “The purpose is not to provoke controversy or to convey a message. […] These are just two people who have a sincere affection for each other. “

The L Word

Recently graduated from the University of Chicago, Jenny moved in with her boyfriend, Tim, in West Hollywood where she hopes to succeed in writing. Quickly, she meets her neighbors Bette and Tina, a lesbian couple. An unexpected meeting that opens the door to a world that was previously unknown to him: that of the lesbian community.

Orange is The New Black

The series that takes place in a women’s prison presents us a transsexual character as well as a lot of lesbian relationship between the women of the prison. The series is inspired by the book Orange is the New Black:  My Year in a Woman Prison,Piper Kerman’s autobiography


The love, friendship and work stories of three gay friends living in San Francisco. Patrick, Agustin and Dom share their experiences and joys as their disappointments.

The Real O’Neals

The series follows the adventures of the O’Neals, a very Catholic family living in Chicago whose revelation of the homosexuality of one of the sons will push them to reveal all their secrets and thus shake up their lives. A series really very interesting, therefore, showing the coming out of a boy in a Catholic family, where homosexuality is not very well seen.

But also series such as Dark Angel, already mentioned in other articles, Freaks and Geeks, in which we find an intersex character, One Three Hills, Desperate Housewives, Dr. House, T-Bag in Prison Break, Eric in Gossip Girl , Venus in Sons Of Anarchy who is transgender, or Luther in Don’t Trust The B– in Apartment 23, but still so much more.


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