Everybody’s knows Lucifer, the fallen angel forced to watch over hell for eternity. Well, this Tv Show tells us its story on Earth, after the devil himself decides to take a vacation and settle in Los Angeles, the city of angels.

The series, aired for the first time in January 2016, has currently three seasons. The fans created the #RenewLucifer and #SaveLucifer on the networks, asking the showrunners for a fourth season, that they finally got after more than a month of trying to convince them.

After his arrival on Earth, the Lord of the Hells opens a nightclub called “Lux” in which he and his friend Maze, a demon, work and commit all the sins possible and imaginable. But after the murder of a famous pop singer, Lucifer decides to find the culprit. In this quest, he will meet Chloe Decker, a police officer who seems to resist his charm and powers.

Indeed, the fallen angel has the gift of compelling people to reveal their deepest desires. But the inspector does not seem affected by this power, which will annoy Lucifer, who will then ally with her to solve murders while trying to make her power work on Chloe.

We can also find Amenadiel, Lucifer’s big brother, whose mission is to bring him back to the underworld. But also Dr. Linda, Lucifer psychologist, who can not resist his charm, and tries somehow to help him solve his problems with the agent Decker, but also to understand his relationship with his father .

A very funny show, well orchestrated, that can please everyone. Lucifer’s sarcasm, played by Tom Ellis, punctuates each episode and gives us a good time to relax each time.


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