Guess Whaaat: meet the team! 🤓

Our “screenplay”

While working together for 2 years, Anna & Max, regular employees, shared their theories about their favourite tv shows over a cup of coffee daily. That’s when they came up with Guess Whaaat App. They then brought together an amazing team: Thomas CTO (a former work partner) and Emilie (an old friend) as art director.

After 6 months of working on their project and thanks to a team of passionate people, the founders quit their full-time jobs in order to fully commit to Guess Whaaat.

An amazing team!

Anna Czerny

TV show expert, Anna has watched about 17,182 episodes in her lifetime. Anna leads the team, sets the strategy and is in charge of acquisition & partnerships.

Maximilien Rufin

Avid gamer and mobile app blogger, Max is in charge of the app’s game design and growth hacking. He also creates and administrates non app digital content for the company.

Emilie Delarge 
Art Director

Emilie studied design in Paris, Brussels & NYC (Parsons School of Design). She is in charge of the artistic direction, user experience and the visual identity of our brand.

Thomas Jablonski 

Mr.Robot better watch out! Thomas is a programming prodigy. With over 10 app under his belt, making apps great again! Android, IOS, Native, React, you name it, he does it…

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